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IP India Foundation promotes literacy, by developing, assisting and supporting educational institutions in order to impart quality education. It also promotes traditional and new learning skills in formal & non-formal institutions, imparting training & education in all areas including scientific, cultural, traditional and ethnic art & craft.

The Foundation aims to encourage talented & promising sports persons, while supporting individuals, groups and organizations that provide facilities for training & practice in various games & sports.

APPM Model High School

APPM Model High School

Golden Jubilee Year – Logo Release

Established in the year 1967, the APPM Model High School is completing 50 glorious years. The school has now been given a new Golden Jubilee Logo on 22nd March 2017 which was unveiled by Mr C Prabhakar the Vice-President of the AP Educational and Cultural Society which was also established in the same year. A new plaque was laid on the Saraswathi Pillar, which carries the statue of Goddess Saraswathi, the Goddess of Knowledge, a little above the plaque laid at the time of inauguration.

The school board members, staff and students participated in the ceremony and proudly displayed the Golden Jubilee logo at the ceremony.

Mr Tom Kadien’s Visit to APPM Model High School

On 28th July 2016 Mr Tom Kadien visited APPM Model High School alongwith his daughter Ms Elizabeth Anne. The visiting dignitaries included Ms Shiela Vinczeller and Mr Rampraveen Swaminathan.

The visitors interacted with the school staff and the children, including the tiny tots who recited popular rhymes.
The school activities such as Project New Horizons – Spoken English Skill Training, Academic Support for Slow Learners, Sports & NCC, Summer Camp activities – like Origami were showcased.
The students under Project Saathi met the visitors and they were told the challenges faced by these children. The Saathi protégés were presented with school bags by the visiting dignitaries

APPM Model High School has entered its Golden Jubilee Year and in June 2017 will be 50 years old.

The visitors were impressed with the talent exhibited by the children especially with the Origami exhibits and Voice of Vidyarthi – the school wall news magazine

The Principal and the senior teachers observed that the visit has hugely motivated them to move ahead with the academic and co-curricular activities with renewed speed

Taking Forth The Light of Knowledge – Deepdaan

“Dont you know yet, it is your light that lights the world” said Rumi
On 26th February Friday the ceremony of Deepdaan was conducted at APPM Model High School. This ceremony where a lighted lamp is handed over by the teachers to each of the Class X students signifies the years of teaching that has helped build the character and knowledge of the students. The students were also administered an oath by the Secretary of the School Board Mrs Madhusree V who is also the DGM CSR at IP APPM. The students took an oath to take forward the light of knowledge into the world with unswerving ethics and righteousness, to make proud the school and the country by their word and deed.

The ceremony ended on a cheerful note where the students excitedly and optimistically promised to deliver the best possible results in the forthcoming Class X public examinations

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Girijana Vikas kendram

Girijana Vikas kendram

Their First Pair of Shoes

The tribal residential school of Girijana Vikas Kendram is one of the schools supported under Project 100. The school has received several kinds of support which includes construction of a compound wall, row toilets for girls, Safe Drinking Water plant, note-books, bags and solar lamps over the past two years. It was noticed that the students are given uniforms by the government but they did not have shoes. In fact, several of them did not wear any footwear at all.

On a personal donation by the CMD Mr Rampraveen Swaminathan the 217 students received socks and shoes – a first for them which they were thrilled to receive. The school staff thanked IP APPM and our CMD Mr Rampraveen Swaminathan on the thoughtful donation. They said that it adds to the dignity of education and contributes to convincing the parents not to retain their children at home but instead send them to school.

Compound Wall for Tribal Residential School from IP APPM Ltd

On 17.10.16 Mr Rampraveen Swaminathan inaugurated a compound wall built at Girijan Vikas Kendra – a tribal residential school, Vedurunagaram.
Mr C Prabhakar and members of the ILT participated in the event.

Girijan Vikas Kendra is a tribal residential school which imparts education to 217 students from the 34 tribal villages in the Visakhapatnam district. The girls outnumber the boys in this school. the teachers of the school represented to Mr Ranmpraveen Swaminathan that as the school is quite simply in the middle of nowhere and for the security of the students, especially the girls, a compound wall is needed, the same was sanctioned. The compound wall running to1700 feet perimeter and 6 feet above the ground topped with double barbed wire was constructed not just at a considerable cost but also overcoming several hurdles posed due to the location of the school. The same was dedicated to the school by Mr Rampraveen Swaminathan on 17th October.

The school teachers and management alike expressed their profound gratitude declaring how the wall with barbed wire top and gates hugely improved their security. The bonus they said is that they can now grow several plants for their daily supply of vegetables as cattle can no longer enter their compound

The warm, traditional welcome by the students in the form of a “Tilak”, welcome dance and the cultural programes by the students were hugely appreciated by one and all

Girjana Vikas Kendram is a tribal residential school at Vedurunagaram, Addateegala with 207 students – both boys and girls who come predominantly from the tribes of Konda reddy, Koya Dora, Konda Kammara and Bagata who live in this forest area. The school is about 2 hours from Rajahmundry town and is sparsely connected by public transport. Set in a picturesque location on 8 acres the earlier AP Paper Mills management supported the school by contributing to their development. It is also located beside an earlier woodyard of the AP Paper Mills, because of which the village is called Vedurunagaram (Veduru – Bamboo, Nagaram – habitation) IP APPM Ltd is also has 2 of its employees present on the school board.

Mr Rampraveen Swaminathan on 27th January 2016 visited the school and, on the occasion of Republic Day which was a day earlier, inaugurated and dedicated a girls toilets complex which was built by IP APPM Ltd as part of the CSR activities. The school has also been given a Safe Drinking water Plant of 250 LPH capacity under the CSR activities which was also inaugurated by Mr Rampraveen Swaminathan.

The students learn Sanskrit as second language and can recite Sanskrit verses, poetry and drama wonderfully. During the visit the students put up a splendid cultural show which included a scene from the court of Sri Krishna Deva raya where the scholars relate in Sanskrit the importance of education. Also was a mono-action on the importance of Sanskrit in the current age. There were several tribal dances – Dhimsa, Rooster Fight amongst other enjoyable performances by the children.

The visiting senior management from IP APPM Ltd – Mr Rampraveen Swaminathan, Mr Prabhakar C and Mr Deepak Khare gave away school bags and note books to the children.

Mr Rampraveen assured the teachers and the children that IP APPM Ltd would always be with them as a pillar of support and ensure the development of school and good education and future for the children.

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Project Saathi

Project Saathi

IP Scholarships and Project Saathi Event

IP Scholarships, a merit scholarship which supports underprivileged students from government schools to continue education beyond schooling, were commenced in the year 2014-15 with 27 scholarships. This year 58 students received the merit scholarships which was given away on 10th February 2017 by Chief Guest Mr Ganta Srinivasa Rao who is the Minister for Human Resource Development and Education, Government of Andhra Pradesh. Mr Rampraveen Swaminathan, CMD, IP APPM Ltd presided over the ceremony. At the same event the APPM Model High School staff and student representatives were also handed over the cheque towards education support for 50 students who are from socially and economically challenged sections of society. Project Saathi, also in its third year, is an employee donation driven programme and helps arrest school drop-outs. Through both these scholarships more than 200 students have been reached out to.

All stakeholders – the students, parents, education department representatives, teachers, media and the government were present when IP APPM Ltd handed over the scholarships.

Project Saathi supports children of single parent or orphans who are unable to pay their way through school

Currently, project runs only in APPM School but there are plans to expand the same to other schools also

Employee driven program

Students are hugely motivated as several students work with their parents to support the family

Improved donor servicing in the form of Student Profile at the beginning of the year, Student Protégé Report at the end of the year and communication from protégé to mentor Saathi through greeting cards

48 students are supported this year against 28 last year

An amount of Rs. 2,97,400/- was given away by Mr Rampraveen Swaminathan to APPM Model High school on 17th Nov at an event conducted at La Hospin

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IP India Foundation Scholarship

IP India Foundation Scholarship

IPIF Scholarship is aimed at motivating students to continue education after Class X

Scholarship is awarded to meritorious students from government schools – reason being only the poorest of poor study in government schools

Year 2 of the scholarship was handed over to 24 students from various schools by Mr Rampraveen Swaminathan at a glittering ceremony attended by the students, parents and the Leadership team from International Paper.

The event was held on 17th November at 2pm at la Hospin Banquet Hall at Rajahmundry

One IPIF Scholar has topped her class this year – impact of the scholarship program which enables students to study without the burden of fees

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Project 100

Project 100

Veeravaram Government Primary School – Wall painting and Girls Toilets

On 25th March 2015 IP APPM Ltd as part of its CSR activity inaugurated 2 Girls Toilets in the Government Primary School in Veeravaram village of Kadiam Mandal. The primary school with an enrolment of arount 120 students has more than 70 girl students and only two toilets – of which one is non-functional. IP APPM Ltd built 2 Girls Toilets for the school and also repaired old toilets which have been set aside for the boys.

In the same school a week prior to this inauguration, the employees of both Rajahmundry and Kadiam Units volunteered and painted the school building and classrooms so that the children will, in the new academic year find their school freshly painted and attractive.

The village of Veeravaram is predominantly a weavers village with more than 200 of its families belonging to the handloom weavers community. The handloom weavers are in a vicious cycle of exploitation and illiteracy because of the middle-men not letting them get their due. Education id the only way to overcome exploitation as it opens the doors to the world – of awareness, business opportunities and thus growth. And for this, the children must go to school!

School Compound Fence at Chaitanya Nagar

On 11th December at 1pm Mr C Prabhakar, Mr Ganesh Bhadthi and the Sarpanch of the Panchayat of MRPalem inaugurated the school compound fence at ChaitanyaNagar a hamlet, near our Kadiyam Unit of IP APPM. The development work was undertaken by the IP India Foundation. The school students welcomed guests with a prayer song and the IP team distributed chocolates too to all the children.

This only school in Chaitanya Nagar, a government school, which has 103 students, 5 teachers, 5 Classrooms (the 6th under construction) but grades up to Class VIII - does not have a compound wall. It is just beside a road which has a lot of heavy vehicle traffic and the children often run onto the road, hence the children are at a risk of road accidents.

The school In charge Principal Mrs Dhanalakshmi thanked IP India Foundation as she said the fence now secures all the students within the compound thus keeping out any trespassers – which could include cattle and the cowherds grazing them

Project 100 is aimed at supporting the government schools better their infrastructure

In this endeavor school compound wall has been built at Bhaskararam Nagar MPP school, Kadiam - where snakes were creeping into the school from the adjacent land with thick growth of trees

The wall was inaugurated by Sri Butchaiah Chowdhury the MLA of the area and the same was dedicated by Mr Rampraveen Swaminathan. Participating in the event were several members of the leadership team at International Paper including Mr Avtar Singh Matharu who is seen here alongwith the MLA

The project aims to support every child’s need for basic infrastructure to motivate them to study better. It was initiated in 22 schools under the farm forestry areas of Visakhapatnam and Prakasham regions to provide facilities like drinking water, lights & fans, benches, desks, chairs, books, stationery and school bags that help create a student centric environment. This has resulted in a regular increase in the attendance of children with low dropouts. Comprehensive Teaching-Learning Kits are also made available to supplement the teaching efforts making it more effective and improving the learning abilities of the students..

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IP APPM Support to Differently-abled Children at Rajahmundry

Sanghamitra Rehabilitaion Center at Rajahmundry is a day care center and school for the mentally differently abled children. About 41 children from the marginalized communities are brought here everyday – courtesy free transport by the Auto-Rickshaw Drivers Association – because their parents are largely daily-wage labourers. Thus if not for this center the children would have to fend for themselves until their parents return. There are 2 trained teachers who are qualified and trained by the National Institute of Mental Health in Hyderabad to take care of these children.

On 18.10.2016, Mr Rampraveen Swaminathan, CMD IP APPM Ltd as part of CSR of IP APPM donated benches and tables, a computer and computer table, speech therapy machine, Teaching Learning Material and a water purifier to the center – most of the material was handed over on 18.10.2016 by Mr Rampraveen Swaminathan who spent time interacting with the children and enquired about the daily routine at the center. The entire India Leadership Team was moved to see the children and were thrilled at the affectionate response they received from a majority of the children

Voice of Vidyarthi - Wall Magazine at APPM School

Voice of Vidyarthi V2 was inaugurated on 11th December at 3pm at APPM Model High School by the President and Vice President of the School Board – Mr Mukund Menon and Mr C Prabhakar. V2 is a wall magazine, instituted at the school to improve the communication skills, awareness, research abilities and creativity of the students.

Several articles were contributed in various categories and spanning several subjects. The selected articles have been posted on the creatively decorated “wall” which was presented for formal inauguration. The magazine will be a quarterly and the Editorial Board is very excited that they could release the first edition in December 2015 and alos look forward to releasing the second edition in March 2015 before the annual examinations

The magazine also includes original puzzles and photographs shot by the children apart from articles on literature and poems in both Telugu (the state language) as well as English

Merit Scholarship for Class X Toppers of APPM School by IPIF

Two Merit Scholarships were commenced this year for Class X toppers of APPM School – one boy and one girl

The scholarship is a motivation for the students to outperform and understand that performance begets awards and rewards

The award for the 2015 toppers is an inspiration to the students appearing for exams in 2016

The awards were given away at a ceremony conducted at La Hospin Rajahmundry on 17th November by Mr Mukund Menon Head HR International Paper

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Teachers Training

Teachers Training

Kadiam Mandal Government School Teachers Training

IP India Foundation conducted a one day Training Session for school teachers at the Staff Club in the Rajahmundry Mill premises on Friday 26th February 2016 from 10.00am to 5.00pm. Totally 52 teachers attended the training session - 36 teachers from various Mandal Praja Parishad Primary Schools at kadiam Mandal – all government schools and 16 teachers from APPM Model High School. Mrs Rebecca, the Principal of Addepalli Rama Rao Teacher Training Institute was the main trainer, she was assisted by faculty from her college to conduct the day-long program.

The broad topics covered were: The Level of Understanding of a child, Physical Abilities - Muscle Strength, Imitation Age to Conflict Age and Impact.

The afternoon sessions were completely interactive wherein the teachers were divided into groups to complete the following activities : Suggest steps for all round development of child inside classroom, debate topic Development of India through Government Schools or Corporate Schools, puzzles and other activities.

At the end of both the sessions all expressed a “deep satisfaction and aspired for more classes like this in future”. Most of the teachers expressed their wish to learn English (spoken) and also new techniques in teaching English to Telugu medium students.
The closing ceremony was attended by the Deputy Education Officer Mr Abraham, Mandal Education Officer Mr Srinivas and they were both felicitated by the DGM CSR Mrs Madhusree Vemuru. Mr Abraham was appreciative of our CSR activities in the education sector.
Unknown to us one of our employees Mr Prasad Palepus (IT Manager, Rajahmundry Mill) wife was among the teachers who attended the training session and given below is an extract from his email to us: ” My wife has attended this session. She expressed that session was excellent and thanking you all, for your fabulous initiative because children in villages need this kind of support to develop their personality and communication skills. “

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