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IP India Foundation has been initiating, encouraging and supporting various initiatives directly or through employee engagement programs. This is not only achieved by imparting skill development and training programs, but also by making financial support available in terms of grants, subsidies etc. The Foundation encourages and supports non-conventional & renewable sources of energy systems, including rural electrification projects. It is also actively involved in providing assistance during relief & rehabilitation of the populace affected by natural calamities.

The Foundation has been promoting & propagating farm forestry programs with emphasis on conserving natural resources, creating healthier environment and massive plantations on marginal & degraded farm lands. This helps in sustaining needs of farmers by providing them with the means of generating indirect employment and uplifting the socio economic conditions of the villagers and tribal communities.

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Diversity Day 2016 – A Celebration of Diversity in CSR

Diversity Day is celebrated with great gusto at IP APPM and this year the Diversity that we practice in our CSR activities was showcased. We work with women, children, weavers, children with special needs, elderly, rural residents, tribal groups, government schools and teachers – a very diverse CSR portfolio
Post celebrations in the Learning Center including wonderful skits and unforgettable messages by the leaders in the first half, the second half was spent by groups of participants with elders at the Swarnandhra Old Age Home in Lalacheruvu in Rajahmundry, walk- through the weavers village of Veeravaram near our Kadiam Mill and painting of the government primary school at Bhaskar ram Nagar at Kadiam village.

IP Fab Store was launched in Rajahmundry and Kadiam Mills and the collections of sarees and mens clothing as well as new fleece blankets were distributed to the 100odd inmates. The volunteers were informed and also given a list of do’s and don’ts. They divided themselves into groups and spent time interacting with the elderly.

While one group was at the Swarnandhra Old Age Home, two other groups were on their way to Kadiam – the larger of the two with 30+ volunteers got dropped off at the Government primary School at BhaskarRam Nagar and busied themselves with aprons, gloves, caps and paint buckets and brushes – safety goggles where needed too. They not only quickly painted the school walls but also painted beautiful images and motifs on the compound wall of the school.

The weavers village which was farthest from the Rajahmundry Mill was visited by around 20 volunteers who walked around the village seeing the weaving techniques – the “padugulu, acchu, allu, padichippa” and the handlooms where the weavers sat for hours on the end weaving beautiful silk sarees. They also got to see the economic backwardness in which the hugely skilled community lives. Several women members exclaimed that they now fully realize the worth of the handlooms that they wear

The grand finale to all these visits was the Weavers Exhibition which was organized at the Staff Club to which weavers from Veeravaram and Muramanda were invited. They brought their silks, cottons, sarees, dhotis, towels and material – all handwoven – much to the delight of the men and women alike who feasted their eyes on the beautiful colours and emptied their pockets to own these creations!!

Visit to Manasa Elders Home

The launch of the IP Fab Store in Hyderabad was a resounding success as the collections poured in – bringing in a roomful of the cardboard boxes of sarees, dhotis, shirts, trousers and night-gowns.And, to give-away all these collections and to spend a meaningful day with the elders the CSR Team planned a visit to Manasa Elders Home near the ECIL X Roads, Secunderabad. Apart from the IP Fab Store collections, one of the volunteers gave away new fleece blankets to the inmates, another donated several new sarees and yet another volunteer donated for a special lunch for the inmates.

Manasa Elders Home houses about 85 senior citizens which includes 55 women and about 30 men. The volunteers from Corporate Office gathered at the Elders Home by 11.30am and distributed the blankets and clothes and served lunch to all the inmates. They spent time interacting with the elders – some of who recollected their children and grandchildren and got emotional while several others expressed their joy at having the opportunity to spend an afternoon with a young and caring group.

The oldest person in the Elders Home is a 90+ years old gentleman who remembers the day India got freedom – he says he was around 25 years at that time. His wife who is 20 years younger to him also stays at the Home with him. They have each other…. But all their children and grandchildren have forsaken them. She said – I hope the photos of your visit are published in newspapers and my grandchildren see them. At least then they will remember us!!

The volunteers came back around 3pm with a heavy heart but also satisfied that their day was well spent in sharing a few hours and not just material with person in need of care and love.

IP APPM – Flood Relief Work In Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Army in action, scores moved to safer areas
Times of India‎

This was the headline from 25.09 news! Twelve lakes and 10 nalas were flooded and overflowing - causing severe water logging and marooning of several pockets of Hyderabad city in the past 4 days due to very heavy rainfall. Through radar maps of rainfall 4 areas were identified which needed immediate aid – Alwal, Begumpet, Nizampet and Hakimpet. 480 Army Personnel and Hyderabad Municipal officials swung into action. So did the CSR Department at International Paper APPM Ltd with the support of the team of volunteers at Hyderabad office. We contacted television news crews who were reporting from the affected areas to understand which area was both in need as well as not yet visited by any other organization, thus avoiding duplication. Based on this information we selected Alwal for distribution of food and water packets for 1000 people in distress.

Freshly cooked, tasty food was ordered from one of the well known caterers of the city – vegetable rice, alu kurma, curd rice with dosavakaya pickle was hygienically packed in aluminum foil dishes and all this added with 2 packets of water was packed in a carry bag. When the team reached Alwal, life seemed almost normal on the main roads but less than about 1 kilometer inside the colonies misery unfolded – overpowering stink, overflowing drains, knee deep water on non-existing roads, no power supply, no transportation (their personal vehicles, if any, damaged due to the sudden inflow of water) very little dry clothing available, especially in huts and lower income housing which are just one room ground floor houses.

Reaching the people was a very tough and time-taking task as the volunteers made their way through knee-deep water on foot, carrying baskets of food. Beyond a point the vehicles could not go in due to water logging, narrow roads and no information on road status ahead. A stringer of one of the popular news channels guided us into the slums to reach several houses and people who were unable to cook food either due to power or drinking water shortage. There were many more in the slums who had lost their entire uncooked food supply because of inundation into their homes. There were also groups of daily-wage labourers who were waiting for relief material because there was no work for them due to rains.

The team which left their houses around 9.30am finally completed the distribution around 4pm and took a break for lunch before heading home!

International Paper APPM Ltd proves that our team can respond equally well to emergency situations and swing into action to do relief work!!

Nanhi Kali

This summer, on 21st of May 2015, we conducted a Career Counseling activity for 125 girls under Project Nanhi Kali who had all completed ClassX successfully and were at the threshold of stepping out of school into the unprotected harsh world!!

Project Nanhi Kali aims at arresting drop=out of girl child from school and fight the figure of 3/10 which is only 3 out of 10 girls enrolled in school complete Class X. To help retain the girl child in school the project gives support in different ways – material, academic, social sensitization and moral support to the girls. The project comes to a conclusion once the girls complete class X but for an ideal social status the girls must study or be skilled to gain employment and financial independence which will go a very long way in giving them an equal social status.

Hence, the girls are given the information on all the streams of education, skill development courses that are available and the employability of each of these. To do this IP IF took the following measures to groom the volunteers :

- Identified interested volunteers

- Volunteers to study and understand the vocational skills required and the opportunities available for the students
who want to earn a livelihood after Class X, Intermediate and Basic Degree like a BA, BCom etc

- Prepare material based on the job market surveys which can be communicated to these girl students in Hindi & Telugu

- Prepare a motivational PPT on why women need to be self sufficient and be financially independent

The three hour session that the 8 volunteers from IPIF did with the girls was an eye-opener for the girls as well as an emotionally fulfilling experience for the volunteers. In the words of a few of the volunteers:

“It was indeed a very positive session and all the Nanhi Kalis have benefited with the session. Our mission of motivating them to continue their education has accomplished when all the students have promised to continue their education.”

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Bala Kalakar

Bala Kalakar

Balakalakaar 2017 – Supported by IP India Foundation

Balakalakaar2017 an art camp for more than 1500 students from schools for underprivileged, needy and children with special needs took place at Hyderabad on Sunday 12th February 2017
IP India Foundation supported the activity and the theme for the same was “Paper Saves Trees”. The students were explained that it is a myth that use of paper is harmful for the environment because for every tree felled for production of paper we plant 4 trees. The topic of the art camp was “Celebrate Paper” wherein the children made drawings on how paper is a part of their daily life. Volunteers from IP APPM Ltd, Hyderabad office participated in the event along with their families. The Chief Guest for the event was 2014 World Champion – Wheelchair Tennis Mr Harry Boniface Prabhu who has also been honoured with a “Padmashri” by the Government of India. The volunteers interacted with the diverse group of students, shared a meal with them and also spread the message of “Paper Saves Trees”

IPIndia Foundation partnered with AIESEC Hyderabad and was the Aspire sponsor for the programme Balakalaakar in 2015.

Balakalaakaar 2015(BKK 2015) event was successfully conducted yesterday 13th December 2015 – attended by almost 1700 students from various government schools and NGO run institutions. There were also present children who are differently abled from Aashray Aakruthi.

About 30+ volunteers and family members, especially their children, were present from International Paper.

Mrs Jaya Rampraveen addressed the gathering of children and motivated them to aim high in life and work tirelessly towards achieving the goal. She also said that Paper is the platform to express yourself and explained about the concept “Paper saves Trees”

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Engagement with Community andGovernment Bodies

Engagement with Community andGovernment Bodies

CSR Support to District Police Training Center for Better Governance

On 29th November 2017 an eLearning Center at the District Police Training Center, Rajahmundry was inaugurated by Mr Don Devlin CMD of IP APPM Ltd. The eLearning Center has been donated 40 computers and furniture consisting of tables and chairs. The Center trains cadre from Deputy Superintendent Of Police to Constable trainee cadets in a range of programs which may be of 9 months to 2 days. The center which was established in 2009 has trained 4389 police personnel until now. The eLeaning Center will now ensure that all frontline police personnel are equipped to deliver better governance in the delivery of Law & Order.

The Superintendent of Police Ms B Rajakumari hugely appreciated the gesture from IP India Foundation on behalf of her team present which included the Addl SP Mr Rajanikanth Reddy, DSP Mr Kulasekhar amongst others. From IP APPM Ltd were present the members of the India Lead Team, CSR Team and other employees. Speaking on this occasion Mr Don Devlin said he was happy through the IP India Foundation we have created infrastructure to train the police personnel which in turn ensures better governance for the people.

Tailoring Center for Women - Course Completion by Batch 1 in 2017

On the 4th of July 60 women who completed tailoring course of 3 months and 6 months from the Kadiam and Mallayapeta Tailoring centers respectively were awarded their course completion certificates by Mr Don Devlin, CMD IP APPM Ltd at a public ceremony held at the Kadiam Tailoring Center for Women.

The event was attended by the MLA Mr Butchaiah Chowdhury and the local elected representatives like the Sarpanch Mrs Tulasi Babu, the MPTC, ZPTC, MDO, MRO amongst others. Several senior management members from IP APPM were also present at the event.

The women showcased all their craft in an exclusive exhibition which not only exhibited the tailored modern Indian-wear and embroidered sarees but also several accessories made of fabric like bags, jewellery and much more

Republic Day 2017 At Kadiam Village

As part of the Republic Day 2017 celebrations Kadiam village saw the inauguration of a Fitness Center for Youth and Tailoring Center for Women!! MrRampraveen Swaminathan inaugurated both these centers and motivated the rural youth and women with his message.

He personally interacted with the women who had registered to be trained at the Tailoring Center who thanked him for the opportunity which would skill them to become tailors and would enable them to support the family income. Similarly, the village youth who aspired to join the police force and the army were especially thankful as the Fitness Center would help them train for the selections where physical fitness is the most important criteria for selection.

The Sarpanch, village head, Mrs Tulasi thanked International Paper and the CSR Department for also adopting the village and said she is now confidant that with our support the village would progress on all counts. Through our CSR activities, we also won the Janmabhoomi (Land of Birth) Award in the second week of January 2017 for the work done over the past 2 years in this village of Kadiam.

The event was attended by several members of the leadership team, local leaders in both government and various political parties, a couple of hundred villagers and the local media.

APJ Abdul Kalam Bus Shelter Kadiam will service hundreds of daily passengers who will use the Bus Shelter.

This Bus Shelter was requisitioned by the Kadiam panchayat and was built as part of the Engagement with local Government bodies

was inaugurated by Sri Butchaiah Chowdhury the MLA of the area and the same was dedicated by Mr Rampraveen Swaminathan. Participating in the event were several members of the leadership team at International Paper including Mr Athanu Chakrabarthy who is seen here alongwith the MLA

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World Environment Day Celebrations

World Environment Day Celebrations

Consciousness and Climate Change

The message for World Environment Day on June 5th could vary from planting trees, to protecting environment, to reducing pollution, to saving the environment and planet through positive actions and awareness.

At IP India Foundation too we have been doing these each year – motivating our employees as well as the community we work with to treat our planet as Mother Earth. This year, however, we decided to move one step further – into the consciousness of our employees and start at the root where the thoughts are conceived and nurture the thoughts carefully so that the actions will be the fruit of the thoughts. Hence the subject of contemplation and interaction was : Consciousness and Climate Change

To help us convert into reality the idea, we requested support from the world renowned organization of Brahmakumaris, an NGO with presence in about 130 countries across the world. They are affiliated with the UNESCO and participate in the UN environment related activities.

Generally people probe into different dimensions to solve an issue, which may be related to health, finance, social or climate change. The dimension of spirituality and consciousness, however, is an unexplored field. We all know it is the Human actions which has impacted the climate. Behind every action there is a thought. It is the thought which reaches out into action or even words, and these impacts the world around us. Making people aware of this is important. People normally do not see connectivity between our mind and climate. If we change our thoughts and connect with the resources within us for
peace,love, joy, happiness we can change the quality of our actions and the impact on the world outside too.

This is in essence of the talk delivered to our employees on June 5th 2015 World Environment Day. About 70 employees attended this 2 hour session

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Health and wellness

Health and wellness

Hrudaya Foundation

We take pride in sharing with you the initiative of IP India Foundation wherein we are supporting Hrudaya, Cure a Little Heart, Foundation with a donation of Rs.2 lakhs on May 5, 2015.

Hrudaya, Cure a Little Heart, Foundation was founded to comprehensively deal with the scourge of heart disease in underprivileged children of India. Children with Congenital & Acquired Heart Diseases are treated and given a chance to live normal, healthy lives.

Dr. M. Gopichand from Star Hospital, Hyderabad is also a Managing Trustee of Foundation and who performs surgeries on children along with (a) Dr. P. Nagaraju, Managing Trustee of Cure a Little Heart Foundation, USA along with Mr. Jairaj Kumar, another trustee visited our office and received the cheque. They also addressed our employees about the activities of their Foundation.

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International Yoga Day – 21st June 2017

The 3rd International Yoga Day was celebrated with great spirit and with the blessings of the Gods (it did not rain!!) as planned at the APPM School grounds this morning.

The event commenced at 6am sharp and concluded by 7am and was followed by a healthy breakfast for the participants.

The participants were APPM School students and staff 125, volunteers from Rajahmundry and Kadiam 30 (including the spouses)

The highlight of the event was the pledge “Sankalpa” which included the following line : “I strive to break the limitations of who I am right now and include the entire world as my own” which in fact is another way of phrasing the Diversity and Inclusion which is so close to the heart of International Paper.

On this occasion we felicitated the Yoga conductors and the key organisers. The girl students of Class X were given away bicycles which has been given by the Government of Andhra Pradesh to encourage girl child education.

Sundance 2015, as its name suggests was conducted in the sunny month of May at APPM Model High School. To offset the unbearably hot temperatures outside, the summer camp conducted at the school combined co-curricular activities like Yoga, English Language Skill Development and Art-Work in a unique 3 hour combination daily for 15 days commencing May 1st

This was the first summer camp conducted at the APPM Model High School and a total of 165 students enrolled in the camp. That the boys and girls were enthusiastic about the camps activities was reflected in their punctuality attendance and the huge smiles with which they came to school each day

Starting off the day with one hour of Yoga the children were completely energized and focused on the following activities.

English language Skill Development included handwriting practice, story- telling, free-speech, debates, mind-mapping and much more based on the age group of the child. Similarly the Art-Work classes included Origami, Pottery Painting, and Bead Work amongst other interesting handwork.

The camp concluded with an exhibition cum contest of the work that was learnt and done by the children in the camp.

The parents and the students had such a wonderful experience that they had all expressed that they were looking forward to more such camps; in the winter holidays too!!

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Janmabhoomi Award - Hatrick

Janmabhoomi Maa Vooru is being celebrated from January 1st to 11th 2018 for the 5th Year in the new state of Andhra Pradesh calling everyone to participate in activities for social upliftment and economic development of the state. As part of our CSR activities we have been participating in these programmes every year by interacting with the people in our communities and understanding their needs. It is an excellent occasion to establish good PR in our communities and with all our stakeholders.

Today 6th Jan 2018, was a proud moment indeed to have won the Janmabhoomi Award for the third year in a row - 2016 January for work in MR palem Panchayat, 2017 for work in Kadiam Panchayat and now 2018 for the work done in Rajahmundry Town. The Janmabhoomi Award is recommended by the Janmabhoomi Committee who appraise locally the work done by the awardee. Everyone present at the Janmabhoomi ceremony - the MLA, the Mayor, the MRO, MDO and several others hugely appreciated all the work being done by us in Rajahmundry in areas of Education, Engagement and Environment. The public gathered also responded very well. Dr Satyanarayana also remembered Mr Don's commitment to education initiatives in his speech.

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